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Two hundred and fifteen years young and still going strong! This upcoming Thursday is the anniversary of “The Buckeye State”, Ohio joining the Union. The name “Ohio” comes from a word found in Seneca language (ohi:yo’), meaning “great river”.  On March 1st, 1803 Ohio became the 17th state to gain admittance into the Union.  Today, Ohio is the 34th largest state by area and the 7th most by population.

The Ohio Burgee

The official flag of Ohio is named “The Ohio Burgee”, designed by John Eisenmann in 1901 for the Pan-American Exposition and officially adopted in 1902. Prior to that, Ohio did not have a legally authorized state flag for nearly a hundred years after gaining statehood. The swallowtail flag design is the only non-rectangular U.S. state flag. The flag has red, white, and blue elements to show the admission into the Union, as well as to represent the roads and waterways that make up the state. You will find 17 stars and a prominent disc on the flag, this represents being the 17th state to join the Union and the disc is suggestive of the name.

Being of such unique design the Ohio Burgee can be quite a challenge to fold. A method of folding the flag was created by Alex Weinstock an Ohio Boy Scout as a project in 2005. The 17 step procedure was passed by the 135th Ohio General Assembly as House Bill 552 (Ohio Rev. Code §5.014) and signed into law by Governor Bob  Taft.

The Ohio Burgee is certainly one of kind. You do not want to be the only Ohioan not displaying this beauty. Check out the link below and be flying by the end of the week!

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