Oklahoma Elementary Schools Receive New American Flag from Veterans

Oklahoma Veterans Association presented Monroe Elementary School with new flag.

Monday November 5th, the Oklahoma Veterans Association paid a visit to Monroe Elementary School to present them with a brand new American flag and teach them a little bit of proper flag etiquette. Students watched and listened as the veterans lowered the old flag while playing taps and then raised the new flag to the sounds of the National Anthem.

Oklahoma schools new American flag

The afternoon-long flag program kicked-off with and introduction of three marine veterans and one army vet, all of whom served in the Vietnam War. All four vets gave an introduction to their lives as a veteran. They then showed the crowd three important videos, the first of which was a message explaining what the Pledge of Allegiance means. The next video came from YouTube and featured a song “Thank a Soldier,” written by Trish Lester. A thirdly, the veteran’s showed the students a Marine Corps silent drill team.

As another form of proper flag handling, the veterans showed how to fold a flag and what each of the 13 folds means. After that, the folded flag was passed down the line of veterans as everyone saluted it. One veteran Billy May said, “The reason for saluting slowly is for the ‘respect’ and ‘love’ for families.”

And finally, the program ended with the lowering and raising of the new flag. The veterans of Oklahoma take great pride in teaching the youth valuable patriotic lessons. They perform presentations like this all over the state and have so far visited a total of 397 schools, and plan to keep moving forward!

Credit: Norman Transcript

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