The Oldest National Flags

Below is a list of the oldest national flags sorted by the adoption date of their current flag design. It is important to note that not all flag adoption dates are exact because many of the oldest national flags have been revised since their creation.

Denmark – 1300’s

The oldest national flag in the world title goes to the flag of Denmark.  The founding of the flag comes from a historical legend, a legend that cites a flag falling from the sky – Dannebrog.

Image of the Denmark national flag.

Netherlands – 1572

The current flag of Netherlands was not the first flag that the country called their own. They have had numerous flags including; the Cross of Burgundy, the Prince’s Flag, the Statenvlag, and the Batavian Republic flag. However, they were one of the first nations to adopt a national flag.

Image of the Netherlands national flag.

United Kingdom – 1606

The United Kingdom flag, also known as the Union Jack, is a recognizable flag because of its country’s historical presence. There have been numerous revisions of the flag, however, the concept and symbolism has remained a constant.

Image of the United Kingdom national flag.

United States – 1777

The United States flag is one of the most famous flags in the world because it symbolizes freedom and democracy. Some believe that the colors of the American flag represent the philosophical values the nation.

Image of the United States national flag.

Chile – 1817

The flag of Chile dates back to the late 16th century, during the pre-independence days of Chile. During those years, Chile hoisted numerous national flags above its land before settling on the current version. The current flag was adopted in 1817, and has remained the same since its introduction.

Image of the Chile national flag.

Argentina – 1818

The flag of Argentina was adopted in 1818 but it has been modified numerous times. Since its inception, there have been 4 flag updates before concluding on the current and most recent version.  The most common version of the flag has a seal in the center, but there are also versions without the center seal.

Image of the Argentina national flag.

Norway – 1821

The flag of Norway has a similar design to the flag of Denmark. The Norway flag is one of the few national flags that have remained unchanged since its adoption. It’s important to note that there is an alternate war flag version of the flag.

Image of the Norway national flag.

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