Over 2,000 American Flags Fly for Fallen Marine

At his funeral, 2,380 American flags fly for fallen Marine Corps soldier.

In Gentry, Arkansas, the funeral arrangements have now been made for fallen Marine Benjamin Tuttle and they include over 2,000 American flags. The city streets will be lined with the flags to honor the deceased Marine during the procession.

Marine Benjamin Tuttle

If you were curious, the Flagman himself is behind this awesome and thoughtful flag display. For those who aren’t aware, Larry Eckhardt travels the country, setting up beautiful flag memorials for fallen US soldiers. He has done so many of them; you might have already seen his work in person.

At the young age of 19, Tuttle died in Germany on July 14th. He died protecting the country he loved.

“Every place he’ll travel in town, they’ll be flags on both sides of him and that’s the important thing,” Eckhardt commented. He began traveling the country after attending a soldier’s funeral many years ago. In fact, the tribute to Tuttle is Eckhardt’s 112th American flag ceremony.

US-Flags for 9/11

Dozens of community members came out to help set of the flags, including fellow Gentry native Sergeant Joseph Fowler who serves with the US Army. “It’s touching that so many people came out to help support, but Gentry has always been a real close knit community so I figured I would just come back and pay my respects,” said Fowler.

Eckhardt’s effort started with only 50 American flags but through several donations his collection has grown to over 2,000. He has also set up his flag displays in 10 different states. Also interesting to note is that each of his flags has a sticker that honors a particular soldier and those who died on September 11th, 2001.

Credit: Arkansas Matters

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