Pascagoula School District Celebrates 100 Years With a Salute to the Military

Community holds special anniversary event while also honoring with a salute to the military.

Families of all shapes and sizes filled the Aaron Jones Family Interactive Center in Pascagoula, Mississippi to celebrate the school district’s 100th anniversary. The special Saturday event also paid tribute to all veterans, current service members, and their families.

The celebration included a 24-foot U.S. Coast Guard patrol boat that sat next to a model of the USS Mississippi submarine. Children were allowed to play with all the buttons and send their own messages over the speaker system as well as run the sirens. The main auditorium featured activities designed to teach kids about the military, America, their state flag, and of course, the American flag. A 4-H booth handed out pictures of Mississippi that highlighted exactly where Jackson County falls in relation to the rest of the counties in the state.

Missouri Community Salute to Military
Dante Smith, 2, of Pascagoula, wandered around the miniature USS Mississippi submarine on display at the Pascagoula School District's 100th birthday Super Saturday celebration at the Family Interactive Center, Nov. 17, 2012.

One student of Singing River Elementary School, 10-year-old Callie Cowan, showed off her American flag drawing she cautiously colored saying, “I wanted to support the military and this is the way I am doing it.” She also plans to hang the picture in her room so she can have her very own flag to look at every day.

Other branches of the military also made an appearance along with groups like the Youth Challenge, which looks to empower teens and young adults.

The school district provided two giant cakes that volunteers cut, and passed out pieces to any attendee. The community center holds Super-Saturday events every month that are always free and open to the public. They are designed to be fun and educational for parents and their children to learn together.

Credit: Sun Herald

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