Patriotic Grandmother Donates American Flags to Michigan School

In Norway, Michigan a very patriotic grandmother donates American flags to a local high school.

In Norway, Michigan, the local high school had a serious shortage of American flags. But now thanks to one patriotic grandmother, the students can now recite the Pledge of Allegiance with a US flag in every single classroom.

Prior to the gracious donation, not one classroom had an American flag. This did not sit well with one student, Holly Gurgall, who reached out to her grandmother Ella Gurgall for help. After hearing about the dilemma, Ella quickly donated over 30 US flags to the cause.

American flag donated by Grandma

Ella is currently the president of the Auxiliary club, so getting the flags was no difficult task. She retells the story as, “My granddaughter called me one day and she wanted to know where they could get some flags for the classrooms and I said, ‘Well, just a minute, I got the book sitting right here.’”

Both Holly and Ella are very active in the auxiliary club so collecting the flags was a natural project for the duo. Ella even added that she donated the flags in honor of her late husband who was a Korean War veteran.


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