Perkins Restaurant Receives Americanism Award from Local Group

Kansas Perkins restaurant receives Americanism Award for their unwavering patriotism and giant American flag.

Perkins Flag Award | CG Flags Blog

If you drive by a Perkins restaurant at any hour, you are guaranteed to see a giant American flag proudly waving. It is that patriotism that earned to Perkins in Great Bend, Kansas the ‘Americanism Award.’

In honor of their unwavering USA pride, the Sons of the Plains Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution honored the Kansas restaurant with their ‘Americanism Award.’ The chapter president Stan Jantz, along with Secretary John Ames both presented a plaque to the Perkins regional manager.

Perkins expressed their gratitude, saying the award was quite an honor for the local eatery.

Perkins Giant American Flag | CG Flags Blog

The group likes to honor local businesses that properly honor the flag and show off their American pride. Jantz said their goal is to promote patriotism within the local business community. For more information on the award, read the full article.

Perkins restaurants have a long tradition of flying giant American flags outside their buildings, which dates back to the 1970s. During this time Perkins really began expanding, jumping from 12 to 350 locations around the United States. The owner, Wyman Nelson and his associate came up with the idea one day when they witnessed an American flag proudly flying in the early morning sunshine.

Seeing the stars and stripes brought back memories for the men and was also a great way to show off their patriotism. To this day, all locations still honor their American roots and pride with a giant US flag and continue to be honored.

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  1. Some of your Perkins are not flying the American flag, 1 in Liberty Mo. and the other one in Gladston Mo. just wondering why!!!

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