POW Flag Flying at County Buildings in California

An effort by county leaders to remember missing military personnel.

Earlier this week, the Santa Cruz County Board of Directors voted in favor (4-1) of a resolution that would require county buildings to fly the POW/MIA flag. The more than 20 buildings would fly the POW/MIA flag alongside the United States and California state flags.

POW-MIA and American Flag

Greg Caput, supervisor on the board, proposed the idea of flying the distinctly memorable flag in honor of Californians who fought to defend the United States and were captured or are missing in action. Currently, there are still over 240 Californians missing in action that had served in the Vietnam War. Caput stated in his proposal that, “The POW/MIA Flag serves as a powerful reminder to people everywhere of our country’s firm resolve to achieve the fullest possible accounting for every member of the United States Armed Forces and for United States nonmilitary personnel and civilians.”

The POW/MIA flag is a memorable, recognizable flag that includes a black background with a person’s silhouette, along with the words POW/MIA and “You are not forgotten.”

While it is still undecided when the POW/MIA flags will be hoisted at Santa Cruz County buildings, Caput hopes to have all of the flags up by Patriot Day, September 11.

Credit: Patch.com

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