POW-MIA Flag to Fly Year-Round in Montana

In Helena, Montana, the governor issued a statement saying the POW-MIA flag will now fly year-round.

In Helena, Montana, the Governor Steve Bullock made a bold move last week that will put the POW-MIA flag front and center in his city for 365 days of the year. Bullock chose the state capitol building as the prime location to fly the black and white flag, which honors all prisoners of war and those soldiers never found.

POW-MIA flag

In a special press conference announcing the new flag addition, Lieutenant Governor John Walsh also made a statement to the media. He says the POW-MIA flag will continue proudly waving until every single unaccounted and missing armed forces member is found and returned home. Walsh also hopes that every time people look up and see the flag they will be reminded of all the sacrifices that have been made for this nation.

At this time in our nation, there are over 83,000 missing service personnel. This number includes all past wars the United States was involved in.

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Credit: KTVQ

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  1. I salute you gov Bullock… thanks.. I have been trying for years to get the flag flown in montana just for the 6 holidays..But shall be flown was replaced with may… I salute you sir….

    Jeff McIntyre
    Vietnam Veteran
    Wash State

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