POW-MIA Flags Fly from Community Effort

In Pottstown, POW-MIA flags fly from Independence Day to Veteran’s Day to show that those soldiers will never be forgotten.

In Pottstown, Pennsylvania several community members have come together to make sure that veterans who are prisoners of war or labeled missing in action are never forgotten and still remain in the hearts and mind of friends and family members.

Pottstown POW-MIA flags

The black and white POW-MIA flag is the internationally recognized symbol for soldiers that have not returned home from war. The flags are set to fly all over downtown Pottstown from Independence Day and remain flying until Veteran’s Day in November.

Cathy Paretti has been a key organizer of the POW-MIA flag initiative and as co-founder of ArtFusion 19464 she worked for several months to ensure the flags would fly all over her town. Paretti has also been an instrumental part in another organization called “When We Were Soldiers,” that is dedicated to educating the public about personal recollections from Vietnam veterans.

Flying a large amount of POW-MIA flags was possible thanks to several donations from community members and political advocates. The Pottstown Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund also made substantial contributions.

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Credit: Pottstown Post

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