Rare 1890 American Flag on Display

After finding a unique 1890 American flag, it will be on display for the public in honor of Memorial Day.

A rare American flag was recently uncovered, that dates all the way back to the 1890’s. Even though it’s slightly faded and has a few tears, the enormous flag is still a sight to see. The flag measures 12 feet by 26 feet and has 44 stars. Historians can place the flag between July 1891, right after Wyoming entered the Union as the 44th state, and January 1896 when Utah became a state.

Rare 1890 American flag

Barbara Delmolino, a member of the Sheffield Friendly Union Library Association believes the flag is a very unusual find, due to its size and good condition considering its age. She also thinks the flag is made from a cotton and linen combination.

The rare flag was actually found a year ago in an old desk drawer, when the Library Association was doing some renovations. For only the second time since its appearance, the flag will be on display in honor of Memorial Day. Viewing will be open to the whole public starting Monday May 27th at 9 am.

Nobody is quite sure where the American flag exactly came from, but the President of the Library Association thinks it may have ties to the Grand Army of the Republic, a fraternal group of Civil War veterans.

Credit: Berkshire Eagle

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