Red and White National Flags

We will not cover all red and white national flags in this post – but you can see flags of all color combinations in the credits section below. You will also notice that all of these flags only use two colors.


Image of the Canadian flag.

The Canadian Flag is one of the most famous national flags in the world. Like all of the flags in this post, the Canadian flag uses only two colors in its flag design. This flag masterpiece is one of the best flags in the world according to Roman Mars’ flag design principles because it mixes simplicity, uniqueness and meaningful symbolism. As for the flag colors, red is a symbol of the sacrifices made during WWII and white is the international symbol of peace and tranquility.


Image of the flag of Denmark.

The flag of Denmark has one of the most interesting origin stories. The legend of the “Dannebrog” states that the flag fell from the sky during a historic battle. The red on the flag represents the bloodshed during battle and the white stands for the holy cause that the blood was shed for.


Image of the flag of Japan.

Similar to the Canadian flag, the Japanese flag is one of the most famous national flags in the world and it only uses two colors. The red circle and the center of the flag stands for the sun goddess named ‘Amaterasu’ and it symbolizes a bright future. The white background represents purity, integrity and honesty.


Image of the flag of Switzerland.

The flag of Switzerland is one of the more uniquely shaped flags. While most flags are rectangular, the Switzerland flag is square. The red background on the flag represents the bloodshed in order to uphold their national faith. The white cross symbolizes Christianity, the official religion of Switzerland.


Image of the Turkish flag.

The Turkish flag features a white crescent moon and a white five pointed star on a red background. The flag picked its use of colors based on the Heraldic and Ancient traditions. The red background stands for bravery, hardiness, valor and strength while the white symbols stand for honesty and peace.

Credit: Wikipedia

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