Removal of a Historic Flag Angers Veterans

In New Rochelle, a battle is heating up over the removal of a historic flag from a deteriorating armory.

The latest debate heating up in New Rochelle is over the old and crumbling armory and the subsequent removal of a historic flag from outside the building. A group of active veterans proposed the armory be turned into a performing arts center, but the city council shot their idea down.

historical gadsden flag

Now the veterans plan to protest the removal of a yellow Gadsden flag from outside the armory. The Gadsden flag dates all the way back to the revolutionary era and is now used by the Tea Party. Peter Parente is the president of the United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Association. According to him, the veterans hoisted up the iconic flag with the coiled rattlesnake at sunset during a ceremony on March 21st.

The flag ceremony was originally held to replace the tattered American flag with a new one Parente bought himself. But another veteran purchases the Gadsden flag so the group decided to raise both flags. City council removed the historic flag shortly after.

Gadsden flag from CVSFlags

Mayor Noam Bramson said the issue was that the yellow flag was a distraction from city businesses. Parente holds strong that the only significance of the flag was its historical meaning, and said, “We thought it seemed to fit perfectly for the armory to have that flag flying.”

City council members stand strong in their position. They told local news that the veteran association got permission to fly the American flag but not any other flag. The clashing of these two sides is nothing new for the town and hopefully an agreement will be reached soon.

Do you see an agreement that would make both sides happy?


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