Replacing Your Golf Flags

Image of a red golf flag on a golf course.

Unfortunately, the golf season is winding down as we approach the cold winter months. It’s almost time to pack up everything and hibernate until springtime. In doing so, you will want to clean your clubs, blow out your irrigation system, cover greens and tee boxes, and bring your flags/flagpoles inside. Preparing for winter is a critical process in order to prevent major maintenance in the spring.

In doing so, you will want to inspect your golf flags. As with any material, golf flags can deteriorate and lose their color over time. The hot sun, strong gusts of wind, and intense rain showers can take a toll on your golf flags. Sometimes, you will conclude that replacing them is your best bet.

Some of you may operate a golf course, while others may practice in their backyard. For that reason, CVS Flags has both plain and numbered golf flags. These flags are crafted with heavy duty nylon so they are built to last. We added multiple rows of lock stitching for longer life, strength, durability, and less fraying. They are also treated to reduce fading from sunlight. Although they are strong, they are also light, and are able to fly in the slightest breeze.

Once you replace your golf flags, you will want to take these steps in order to prevent the need to replace them every year.

  • When you mount your flag to the flag pole, be sure that your rope is in good condition and that there are no sharp edges on your clips that could prematurely wear the flag.
  • Always mount the flag in a place where it cannot touch anything else to prevent premature wear and tear. For example, a tree, fence, roof, or post.
  • Most outdoor flags last longer if they are washed and dry cleaned frequently. Make it a habit to do this every few weeks.
  • Before cleaning the flags, inspect them for signs of wear. Have the flags repaired even when you identify the slightest signs of wear. The earlier you discover a potential problem, the earlier you can repair it.

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