Returned Soldier Surprises Kids During Santa Visit

Santa grants the best wish of all after a US soldier surprises kids after returning home from a 10-month tour overseas.

Seth and Chloe Chavez had one simple wish this Christmas and that was for their dad to come home from his 10-month deployment in Egypt. They must have been on Santa’s “Nice List,” because that is exactly the surprise they got.

Surprise Santa Soldier

Sgt. Joe Chavez, a member of the National Guard, left for Egypt on January 30th, which also happened to be Chloe’s 6th birthday. The two children expected their dad to return over the weekend, but a little planning by Joe and his wife Jennifer made the early arrival even more exciting. This was the longest Sgt. Chavez had been on tour and away from his family.

Being away from their father for so long was no cake walk for the two youngsters. Seth broke down three weeks ago from missing his dad, and Chloe had a very tough time letting his go on her birthday. But, as each day went by, they removed a link from a paper chain the family made that counted down the days until Joe’s return.

Family and friends kept the kids busy while Sgt. Chavez nervously knelt in a heap of fake snow behind Santa’s big chair. As the two hopped up on Santa’s lap, Chloe revealed her Christmas wish of having her dad home for the holidays. Just then, Joe revealed himself and all three embraced in an incredible hug nobody wanted to break. This was a truly memorable moment as the soldier surprises kids in a way they will never forget.

Credit: IC Sun News

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