Rutgers Showcases New Flag-Themed Helmet for Saturday’s Game Against Army

The tradition serves as a special reminder and pay tribute to military service members.

As a sign of respect when playing military academies, Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey, incorporates the stars and stripes into their uniforms. This year for the game against Army, the team will sport special flag-themed helmets with the famed “R” filled with the iconic stars and stripes.

Rutgers flag helmet

Rutgers coach, Kyle Flood, said, “We try to do this — and we did it last year for the first time and now we’re fortunate to do it again — when we’re playing Army. “And, really, this is just our way of honoring all of the men and women around the world that serve our country and protect our country the entire year. So we’re excited to do it, and hopefully the people around the world will get a chance to see the game. They’ll draw some pride from it the way we have.”

The tradition also serves as a reminder to football players and fans alike that there are bigger things out there than football – and helps to put perspective to everything. Several of the Rutgers team players have family and friends who serve in the military, describe it as a “cool way to pay tribute to (everyone in the military).”


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