School To Honor Veterans with American Flag Display On Veterans Day

Once New Jersey school district is attempting to honor US veterans with an American flag display on Veterans Day that could include 5,000 flags.

Veteran’s Day may only be one single day next month, but that isn’t stopping one district in North New Jersey from celebrating US veterans and their dedication to this country for longer. In Fort Lee, students are celebrating Veterans Week.

The district dedicated, not one but seven days to honoring all of the branches of the United States Armed Forces, along with emergency personnel and first responders. How will these students show their appreciation to all these people? They will fill the front lawn of the Fort Lee High School with thousands of American flags to represent all the sacrifices that were made and dedication to serve and protect.

Field of Heroes American Flags

The American flag display is called, “Field of Heroes,” and will be set up from November 11th to November 16th. Veterans’ week will kick off with a special dedication ceremony on November 10th where school officials and an honor guard from the Marines will help recognize the contributions of men and women in the service.

Interim Superintendent Paul Saxton said, “It’s just an appropriate time for our young people to pay homage to those that have preceded them and [for them to appreciate] the very blanket of freedom and security that they provide us every day.”

The idea for the “Field of Heroes” originally came when Saxton’s wife saw a similar US flag display while driving through South Jersey on Memorial Day. And from there the memorial to veterans was born! “I think it’s going to be quite an emotional scene and I think the auditorium program will be a very moving tribute to those people that we owe a great deal of respect to,” predicted Saxton.

Superintendent Saxton isn’t attempting a small undertaking either. His goal is to have 4,000 to 5,000 American flags spread out all over the lawn of the high school.

Do you think he’ll meet his goal? We’ll keep you informed!

Credit: North Jersey

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