Selecting a Flag Pole

So you just purchased a brand new flag, now where do you hang it? How do you hang it?

All questions that you might not think about when purchasing a flag. The good news is there are numerous ways to hang a flag, but you need the proper equipment.  This is where a flag pole comes in handy.

When choosing a flag pole, you should be aware of the height of the building closest to the flag. Typically, you can use these building height estimates as a guideline: 18-25 feet for a single story building, 25-30 feet for two stories, and 30-40 feet for three stories. Be mindful of the climate in which you live, and select the appropriate flag pole based on possible weather conditions. Your flag pole will be outside 24/7, so make sure to factor in durability.

Once you purchase your flag pole, the first step is deciding on where to place the flag pole. The ideal placement is a grassy area in a prominent place close to the front door of the building. Installing the flag pole is another story because you will probably need assistance from at least one other person.

Collins Flags offers both residential and commercial grade flag poles for almost any application. The residential flag poles are generally 16 to 25 feet tall in either fiberglass or aluminum based materials. We also offer a house flag set for those with limited yard space. All of our flag poles come with step by step setup instructions.

Commercial flag poles are a bit different in terms of height and construction. Our commercial flag poles vary in height from 15 to 80 feet tall, with the Premium line being one of the best flag poles on the market.

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    1. Hello, This is somewhat of a broad question but most “home” flagpoles range from 20′ to 25′. From there you will need to choose a price point for the flagpole that you want. Again the choices are fairly broad. We recommend aluminum as it is durable for outdoor use. Twenty foot flagpoles range from $100. and up. Give us a call (800-950-4061) and we can step you through the options and help you select the flagpole that is right for you.

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