Should New Zealand Change Its Flag Design?

Image of the New Zealand national flag.

Can you tell the difference between the New Zealand flag and the Australian flag? Most people can’t, and that’s why the two flags ended up on our list of similar looking national flags. The two flags are nearly identical other than a few minor differences. Recently, the New Zealand government has been debating about whether or not to change the New Zealand flag design. This debate started after the New Zealand Prime Minister suggested that he was interested in changing the flag design to something that better represents what the country is today. The government has actually been taking flag design submissions from the public and did so until April 23.

The government is going to let the public decide which flag design they like best by using a referendum. A panel of government officials will select the top 5 New Zealand flag designs and place them on a public voting ballet. The winner of the flag design ballet will then be pitted against the current New Zealand flag design. If the proposed design wins the vote against the incumbent design, a new flag will be flying over New Zealand shortly after.

The timing of this debate has stirred up a bit of controversy, however. The government will stop receiving flag design submissions two days before most significant anniversary in the nation’s history – known as Anzac day. What makes this anniversary more significant is that it is the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the nation. Opponents of the flag design change do not find this to be a coincidence either. They believe that this is a deliberate act by the government in an attempt to overshadow this historic date in New Zealand history.

The Prime Minister has expressed his interest in the flag design shown below. What are your thoughts? Should New Zealand change its flag design?

Image of a proposed New Zealand flag design.

Credits: The Press News

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One Reply to “Should New Zealand Change Its Flag Design?”

  1. ow look at what happens when you Google the nz flag! John key is ruining the uniqueness of new Zealand! Our flag defins us as a country and always has. It may look similar to other flats but its not. It’s our flag. We can’t just decided to change something that has so much history behind it. We have flown that flag at every Anzac day, every world cup, every world event. Are we changing who we are as true born kiwis? Will we change our countries name next because other places in the world are also called new Zealand. Will we change our national anthem next? Or stop calling ourselves kiwiws? Get real guys wake up!

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