Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony: How Many Flags Were There?

How many flags appeared during the Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony? The scoop on the flags and countries competing

The Opening Ceremony from every Olympic Games is always a grand event. The ceremony is meant to showcase each country competing and their flag. As each team takes center stage they proudly carry their flag.

How many different world flags appear during the Sochi Opening Ceremony? 88!

Sochi Olympic World Flags

This year a record number of countries are competing in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics – 88. This means 87 different world flags will be displayed during the Opening Ceremony, along with the official Olympic Flag. The previous record was set during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada where 82 countries competed.

If you’d like to see which countries presented a flag during the opening ceremony, here is a full list of the 88 countries participating in the Sochi Olympics.

Another interesting anomaly about this Winter Olympics is the usually high number of warm weather and tropical countries competing. Included in those countries is the Cayman Islands, which is one of six Caribbean nations to send athletes. Jamaica even has an athlete competing in bobsleigh.

During the opening ceremony, each countries’ athlete parade across the stadium while one person carries the flag. This year as Team USA takes the stage, Todd Lodwick will bear the American flag. Todd is from Colorado and competes in Nordic skiing. This is his sixth Olympic appearance.

Did you watch the Sochi Opening Ceremony? What did you think? Better or worse than previous opening ceremonies?

Credit: | Fox News

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