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Do you know what happens on December 18, 2015? It is the release date for the new Star Wars movie in the United States. The movie is called Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. A true Star Wars fan would know that. Nonetheless, the movie is described as “The further adventures of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia.” It is the first movie in a new trilogy of movies planned to be released within the next 5 years.

For those not familiar, Star Wars is a fictional film series that covers the adventures of various characters in a far away galaxy. During the movies, there is a battle between the dark side (Sith) and good side (Jedi). There is also something called “The Force”, which is an energy source that can be harnessed by certain members of each alliance. The Force allows users to perform supernatural and physical feats in order to trump their opponents.  The dark side is ruled by the Galactic Empire, which is known for famous characters like Darth Vader. This fictional government has a flag, although the flag does not appear in any of the past movies.

Flag of the Galactic Empire

There are various versions of the Galactic Empire flag since there is not an official flag (reason why this flag didn’t appear in our fictional flags from movies post). However, the one that is widely accepted as the Flag of the Galactic Empire is pictured above. The flag was rumored to be created as a spinoff of the Nazi flag. The thought was that the symbolization of the Nazi flag created a feeling of evil. Since the Galactic Empire was part of the dark side in the Star Wars films, having a flag that would portray evil was ideal for their image.


Flag of the First Order

In the upcoming film to be released on December 18th, it was discovered that the Galactic Empire has a new name – it is now called the “First Order”. This new alliance has similar intentions to the Galactic Empire and they have a new flag that actually appears in the film. A screenshot of the flag is shown in one of the trailers (see above) and the official banner is shown below. An official description of the flag is not available.


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