State Representative Presents Flag to Elementary School Students

Elementary school gets new American flag that flew over U.S. Capital

Davis-Townsend Elementary School is now the proud owner of a new American flag that once flew other the United States Capital in Washington D.C. Rep. Howard Cole hand-delivered the flag to siblings Brandon and Lauren Snipes in honor of their grandfather, a World War II veteran. The brother and sister then gave the flag to their principal to fly above the school.

State Representative Presents Flag to Students

Unfortunately, Lauren and Brandon never got to know their grandfather, Master Sgt. James C. Snipes, due to an early death from pancreatic cancer in 1979. Snipes served on the front lines for seven months. Sharon Sellers, Snipes widow and grandmother to Lauren and Brandon said James was a very honorable man, who tried to instill in his children the importance of honoring all served this country in the name of freedom. He received the Peace Medal and also several Bronze Star Medals for his heroic actions.

“Freedom comes at a cost,” Sellers said, “Someone has to stand up and he [James C. Snipes] chose to stand up.” She also expressed her feelings towards her grandchildren always knowing their grandfather loved them, even before they were born.

In addition to the flag that flew above the Capital on June 14th, the two children also received a copy of the U.S. Constitution. As the State Representative presents flag to the Snipes children, he hopes to make an impression on all the students in the school as they watch the stars and stripes wave in the breeze.

Credit: The Dispatch

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