Students Engage in a City Flag Design Contest

The city of Janesville, Wisconsin is looking to design a new city flag. What do you do when you are looking for a new flag design? Most would ask a professional to sketch a few design concepts, but not the city of Janesville. The city has decided to ask nearly 350 students from the nearby schools to submit design proposals for their new city flag. Janesville is the 10th largest city in the state of Wisconsin in terms of population with nearly 64,000 residents.

Image of a 9 year old Janesville student designing a new city flag.

Carson McCormick (pictured above), is a 9 year student designing a city flag that incorporates colors from two local Janesville high schools. Carson is one of hundreds of students who submitted their flag design ideas to the city of Janesville.

“It allows the kids to think about why they love and enjoy the community and can represent it in a flag using their creativity to think of one symbol to use”, said Principal Allison Degraaf of Kennedy Elementary about the city flag design contest.

Image of the new Janesville city flag.

The city flag that was chosen was designed by a Maggie Gorman, a senior at Craig High School. Her flag (pictured above) incorporated the city name written in white on a green background. At the center of the flag is a black circle that is outlined in white stars. The center seal features the Janesville tree logo and the year the city was established.

“We hope the flag creates a feeling of unity and pride for all members of the community, Maggie said of her flag that won the city flag design contest. “We also hope that the contest inspired students to think about what their city means to them and potentially get involved in their community today and as they grow into adults.”


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