Flag Design Principles

A Creative Professional’s Take on How to Design a Great Flag Roman Mars, one of Fast Company’s 100 most creative people, recently held a TED Talk in which he touched on the principles of flag design. TED is a nonprofit organization that was formed to help spread design ideas among... Read more

The Wichita City Flag

Like many city flags, the Wichita city flag was designed in a flag design contest. The winner of the contest, Cecil McAlister, submitted hundreds of design ideas before one received approval in 1937. The flag design was then handed over to seamstress Mary J. Harper, who was known as Wichita’s... Read more

The Columbus City Flag

The first Columbus city flag was adopted in 1912, but it has been modified numerous times before settling on the 1976 version (pictured above). The Columbus city flag design features three vertical stripes of yellow, white and red. Inside the center white stripe is where you will find the seal... Read more

The New Orleans City Flag

The New Orleans city flag is a city flag that shows a strong tie to the city’s historical roots. The New Orleans city flag design consists of a white background with two small stripes (red, blue) along the top and bottom of the flag. At the center of the flag... Read more

The St. Louis City Flag

The St. Louis city flag focuses on its geographical location with its city flag design concept. The St. Louis city flag design features a red background with blue and white lines connecting at a fleur-de-lis. This particular symbol represents the city’s French heritage. The blue and white lines symbolize the... Read more

The Los Angeles City Flag

The Los Angeles city flag is one of the most unique city flags in the United States. The Los Angeles city flag design consists of three jagged horizontal stripes of different colors. The colors from left to right are green (for olive trees), yellow/gold (for orange groves) and red (for... Read more