The Jacksonville City Flag

The Jacksonville city flag is one of the most unique city flags in the United States of America. The Jacksonville city flag’s blend of color, design and meaning is unrivaled by most city flags. The flag was designed by a Jacksonville citizen and it was officially adopted in 1976. The... Read more

The Pittsburgh City Flag

The Pittsburgh city flag is a very meaningful city flag that embodies the city that it represents. The Pittsburgh city flag design displays three vertical stripes, two black stripes on the outside and a yellow stripe down the center. The Pittsburgh seal and coat of arms is located at the... Read more

The Houston City Flag

Similar to the Dallas city flag, the Houston city flag is an easily identifiable city flag. The Houston city flag features a white five point star centered on a blue background. The center of the star displays the city’s seal. The city seal features the signature Texas lone star, a... Read more

The Portland City Flag

The Portland city flag is one of the most meaningful city flags in the United States. The Portland city flag design features a green background with a multicolor four pointed directional star in front. The star has narrow white stripes extending from its center, bordered by thicker blue and yellow... Read more

Can You Guess the City Flag?

Are you looking to prove yourself as a true Vexillologist? Well, you have come to the right place! CVS Flags has been testing our readers lately with a variety of flag knowledge quizzes. First it was how well you know the state flags. Then we wanted to know how well... Read more