The Most Unique City Flags

We have already touched on the most unique world flags and the most unique state flags – but what about the most unique city flags? The most unique flags designs usually combine meaning, creativity and familiarity. You will see this used as a common theme on our most unique city... Read more

City Flags – Minneapolis

The Minneapolis city flag was designed and adopted as the official city flag in 1955. The flag designer, Louise Sundin, received a $250 United States Savings Bond for winning the flag design contest. The flag properly symbolizes the characteristics of the city that it represents. The Minneapolis city flag consists... Read more

City Flags – Chicago

The flag of Chicago (above) has been the official city flag since 1917. The flag displays two blue horizontal stripes on a white background. Between the two stripes are four red, six pointed stars also aligned horizontally. The stripes symbolize the geographical features of the city. The top blue stripe... Read more