Pottstown POW-MIA flags

POW-MIA Flags Fly from Community Effort

In Pottstown, POW-MIA flags fly from Independence Day to Veteran’s Day to show that those soldiers will never be forgotten. In Pottstown, Pennsylvania several community members have come together to make sure that veterans who are prisoners of war or labeled missing in action are never forgotten and still remain... Read more

mystery patriot plants US flag

Mystery Patriot Plants American Flags

Late one night, a mystery patriot planted U.S. flags all around the neighborhoods of Sandwich, Illinois. In Sandwich, Illinois, Dan Kelleher woke up last Thursday like any other day. Except when he stepped outside to grab the paper, he noticed a small American flag planted right next to his mailbox.... Read more

U.S. Honor flag

U.S. Honor Flag Flies for Texas District Attorney

The same U.S. honor flag honors multiple slain courthouse officials in Texas including District Attorney McLelland. On Monday April 8th, community members of Kaufman County gathered around the courthouse to watch as a special U.S. honor flag was raised in memory of District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia.... Read more