American Flag on USS Orleck

American Flag Tour Rolls On

American flag tour rolls on as it stops in Lake Charles, Louisiana to visit an old destroyer ship named the USS Orleck An American flag is making its way around the country on a unique flag tour. The most recent stop was in Lake Charles, Louisiana, which was the 78th... Read more

Child saluting American flag

Saluting the American Flag

Rules for saluting the American Flag for military members, veterans, and everyone without an armed forces background. When it comes to American flag etiquette, most people tend to focus on how to display the flag properly and dispose of it in a dignified way. But there is another way to... Read more

Soldier hugging child with US flag

Win a Free US Flag!

In honor of fall and homecoming season, we’re giving away TWO free American flags. Enter to win a free US flag now! It’s time for another free flag giveaway! This time, we would love to hear a homecoming story, whether it’s about a friend, family member, or you! Tell us... Read more