Mauritius – National Flags

At we carry over 75 national flags ranging from the popular to lesser known. One flag/nation many might not recognize is the flag of Mauritius. The Republic of Mauritius is a volcanic island located in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. History Uninhibited until 1638, the Dutch named the island... Read more

National Flags with Triangles

National flags with triangles – what does this mean? Well, recently we have been covering flag design concepts like national flags with stars, national flags with horizontal stripes and national flags with vertical stripes. Therefore, this post will focus on the national flags that feature a triangle in their flag... Read more

National Flags with One Star

We have recently covered national flags with multiple stars; now let’s focus on national flags with one star. Chile The flag of Chile can be mistaken for the Texas state flag. Both flags are known as “Lone Star Flags”, and both flags contain red, white and blue. They are also... Read more

National Flags with Horizontal Stripes

United States While the Betsy Ross flag used thirteen stars to represent the 13 original colonies, the current American flag uses 13 horizontal stripes to represent the colonies. Combine those 13 stripes with a field of 50 stars representing the 50 states, and you have one the most meaningful flags... Read more

The Brazilian Flag | National Flags

The Brazilian flag was officially adopted on November 19, 1889. The Brazilian flag was designed in a clean, recognizable way despite the use of numerous design elements. The flag features a green background with a yellow rhombus at the center of the flag. Inside the yellow rhombus is a blue... Read more