National Flags with Stars

Which national flags have stars and what do they stand for? There are literally hundreds of national flags with stars; therefore we will not cover all of them here. However, we will cover a few of the more notable national flags with stars. United States of America The American Flag... Read more

The Indian Flag | National Flags

The Indian flag uses a traditional tricolor flag design, something that is very popular among European nations. The three colors are aligned as horizontal stripes of saffron (orange), white and green. The three colors on the Indian flag each have their own individual meanings. Saffron stands for courage and sacrifice,... Read more

National Flags with Two Colors

By now you understand our passion for flag, materials, designs and concepts. We have covered everything from the most colorful flags to national flags that no longer exist. But what about looking at flag designs by the number of colors on the flag? Take a look at our list below... Read more

The Belgian Flag | National Flags

The Belgian flag flies with black, yellow, and red vertical stripes. One popular variant of the national flag is the state ensign, which includes the black lion of Flanders. The 184th Belgian National Day happened earlier this month, so let’s take a look at the history of the great country’s national flag. Though... Read more

The Italian Flag | National Flags

The Italian flag is a traditional tricolor flag, which is a standard flag design concept for many European countries. The flag’s design features three vertical stripes of green, white and red (from left to right). Each of the colors of the Italian flag has a specific representation. Green represents the... Read more

National Flags with Animals

Countries use various flag design principles when designing their national flag. Many countries look to create unique flag designs, while some flags look similar to other national flags. The American Kennel Club recently posted pictures of dogs wearing American flag clothing which made us wonder – which flags feature animals... Read more