NFL Teams – Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are an NFL team that entered the league in 1970. The team is located in Oakland, California which is the 8th largest city in the state of California. The Raiders are one of the most famous franchises in all sports because of their mix of famous members... Read more

NFL Teams – Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are an NFL football team that is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania and one of the top 10 largest cities in the United States. The combination of a large market and a rabid fan base makes the Eagles... Read more

NFL Teams – New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are an NFL football team located in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Foxborough is a suburb of nearby Boston, which is the largest city in the state. The team is currently owned by Robert Kraft, who purchased the team in 1994. The team is currently a member of the... Read more