Flag Day Timeline

Learn about the history of flags in America in this Flag Day Timeline. Flag Day honors and celebrates the US Flag and is an opportunity to learn more about patriotism and how to express allegiance to the flag. This timeline takes you through history to view flags flown in the... Read more

Flag is symbol of hope in tornado rubble

US Flags are a Symbol of Hope in Moore, Oklahoma

After a devastating tornado turned Moore, Oklahoma upside down, many residents continue to fly their American flags as a symbol of hope. Over 2,400 homes were damaged or demolished and 24 deaths occurred in the powerful EF4 tornado that ravaged through Moore, Oklahoma on Monday, May 20th.  Stunned residents searched... Read more

Flags in Oregon

Over 100 new US flags Fly in Oregon

Flag program flies over 100 new US flags in honor of US veterans. In Prineville, Oregon, a small patriotic gesture has grown much larger than any resident ever expected. On Memorial Day, the residents came together and displayed over 100 brand new US flags as part of a new patriotic... Read more

mystery patriot plants US flag

Mystery Patriot Plants American Flags

Late one night, a mystery patriot planted U.S. flags all around the neighborhoods of Sandwich, Illinois. In Sandwich, Illinois, Dan Kelleher woke up last Thursday like any other day. Except when he stepped outside to grab the paper, he noticed a small American flag planted right next to his mailbox.... Read more