National Flags with Animals

Countries use various flag design principles when designing their national flag. Many countries look to create unique flag designs, while some flags look similar to other national flags. The American Kennel Club recently posted pictures of dogs wearing American flag clothing which made us wonder – which flags feature animals... Read more

The French Flag | National Flags

The French flag, also known as the tricolor flag, was first adopted in 1794. The French flag features three equally sized vertical stripes of blue, white and red. Red and blue were the official colors of the Paris Militia during the French Revolution, and then white was added because it... Read more

The Chinese Flag | National Flags

The Chinese flag is a simple flag but it is also one of the most famous flags. This is largely due to the country’s population and its superpower status among the countries of the world. The Chinese flag design features a red background with 1 large star that is partially... Read more

The Cuban Flag – National Flags

The Cuban flag was officially adopted in 1848; however, it underwent various changes before settling on its current design in 1906. The Cuban flag design is made up of alternating blue and white stripes with a white star located inside a red triangle. The red triangle and white star are... Read more

Micro Nations of the World

Who has heard of a micro nation? Have you ever visited the country of Molossia? We assume your answers are no, and no. A micro nation is defined as a small, self-declared nation that exists within larger nations. They print their own stamps, fly their own flags, have their own... Read more

Flags atop Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world with an estimated height of 29,000 feet at its peak.  The mountain is located in the Himalayan Mountains near the Nepal-Tibet-China border; however, it attracts thrill seekers and sports enthusiasts from around the world. Climbing the mountain is said to be... Read more