The United Arab Emirates Flag

The United Arab Emirates flag is a traditional Arabic flag that was adopted in 1971. Traditional Arabic flags consist of the four Pan-Arab colors – black, white, green and red. These four colors symbolize unity among the Arab nations. Individually, these colors each represent their own unique era of Arabic... Read more

The Flag of Germany

The flag of Germany consists of three colored equal horizontal stripes. The stripes are black, red and gold from top to bottom. These three colors are the national colors of Germany, so it is appropriate that they are prominently displayed on the flag of Germany. The flag was adopted as... Read more

Similar Looking National Flags

There are 196 countries in the world today. So in essence, there should be 196 unique national flags. However, that is not the case; there are actually numerous national flags that look similar, if not identical. Mexico, Italy & Hungary You are able to distinguish the difference between the three... Read more