Tailgate Flagpoles: the Importance of the Tailgate Flag

Tailgating is not just something you do before a football game. To many people it is a game day ritual that is not complete without your team tailgate flag.

With NFL draft quickly approaching, it is time to start preparing for this year’s football season.  While going over your checklist; cooler, beer, grill, chairs and tent, don’t forget your team flag.  Your team’s flag is an essential part of any tailgating experience.  A team flag flying high in a parking lot demonstrates a true fan’s passion and support for their team.

A team flag is not only awesome, but it also serves as position finder for friends trying to find your tailgating location – or it can strengthen the already present rivalry at a tailgate. Simply hanging your flag from your tailgate tent is cool, but it doesn’t always make the cut.  In order to fully represent your team and set your tailgate apart from the rest, you will need a tailgate flagpole to fly your flag high above the crowd.

Be the first of your friends to have your tailgating flagpole flying high and you‘ll be the talk of the tailgate. The Tailgating Telescoping Flag pole is available on CVS Flags Website.  The tailgate flagpole takes less than three minutes to set up and no tools are necessary! Check out our quick “how-to” video on setting up the “ULTIMATE” 16’ ft. Tailgating Telescoping Flag pole.

Check out a demonstration of setting up the tailgating flagpole here!

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