Teenager Raised High School Flag for Four Years

One patriotic teenager took it upon himself to complete his school’s flag raising duties and raise the High School flag for four years.

While a massive rush of high school students hurried down the halls to class, one patriotic student took it upon himself to brave the bitter cold and biting wind to raise Old Glory. Atherton High School senior Thomas Swanson raised the American flag outside his school every day for four years.

teenager holds american flag

Often frozen from the cold, Swanson would use a bottle of hot water to unhinge the rope holding the American flag in place. Swanson’s younger brother David often helps him lift the stars and stripes towards the sky. Thomas is also set to pass on his special flag duties to his younger brother after he graduates at the end of this school year.

Thomas said, “What the flag means to me is an awful lot for this country. I embrace the flag like a person. I really depend on the flag to be there always for me to show the freedom.” Thomas originally got the idea to raise the flag each day from his grandfather who often called the school to make sure Old Glory was in her proper position. Both of Swanson’s grandparents were in the Army.

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Thomas has felt that special connection with the stars and stripes ever since he started raising the flag at his middle school. He even acquired the nickname “Flag Police” due to his keen sense of sniffing out improper flag etiquette. And Thomas doesn’t stop there. He used his Boy Scout knowledge and involvement to organize an American flag disposal ceremony for 215 worn out flags.

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