The American Flag Still is Standing

After Last Weekend’s Devastating Tornadoes the American Flag is still standing as a symbol of hope for everyone.

woodward flag tragedy

Woodward, Oklahoma

Sunday night, April 15, 2012, a severe thunderstorm produced an immense tornado in Woodward, Oklahoma.  The tornado claimed the lives of six people including Frank Hobbie and his two daughters, Faith (5) and Kelley Hobbie (7).   A tattered American Flag flies over the vehicle where the family was found after the tornado hit Hideaway Mobile Home Villa. The Woodward tornado is one of the dozens believed to have been created by the storm system that caused destruction across 10 states in the Midwest.

woodward grandfather flag

The photo above is a picture of Ashley Hort carrying her late grandfather’s flag out of the rubble caused by the tornado that tore through Woodward, Oklahoma.

Thurman, Iowa

Thurman, Iowa

In the western part of Iowa, a large part of the town Thurman was destroyed.  Fortunately, no one was killed or injured in the storm that is said to have destroyed about 75 percent of the 250-person town.  In the midst of the destruction a torn American flag flies over the war memorial.


Credit: Sean Breslin and James Foy,

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