The City of Chattanooga Waving a New Flag

The southeastern Tennessee city’s flag receives a flag-makeover as they are now waving a new flag.

The city of Chattanooga is now waving a new flag! City Council voted 6-3 in favor of a new city flag in August 2012. Development of the new flag began in 1994 and was finally finished this month. The council’s approval leads way to the adoption of a new green and blue flag complete with the state’s seal.

Chattanooga Flag-New

Since the early 1920’s, the city of Chattanooga has flown a red flag containing blue and white accents, including a single white star in the center of the flag. However, this flag appeared too similar to the Tennessee state flag, which often caused confusion.

Chattanooga Flag-Old

While some citizens voiced concern about losing a part of Tennessee’s history, Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield said, “It’s time to move on. We’re a different city now than we were in 1923, and so it’s time to have a different flag.” The old Chattanooga flag will remain on display in City Hall, highlighting as part of Chattanooga’s history.

Source: WRCB TV

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5 Replies to “The City of Chattanooga Waving a New Flag

  1. i love Chattanooga so much! it deeply saddens me to see what we had compared to the awful, trashy, thoughtless design that we now have. hey, lets point a cannon at the city. LETS FREAKING WRITE OUT THE NAME OF THE CITY ON THE FLAG! you can’t put the city seal on top of two colored lines and call it a flag.
    disgusting… disgusting as a stale moon pie.

  2. Anyone know where I can purchase a new “old” Chattanooga City flag? I’ve tried contacting the mayor’s office and other city officials but no one will even answer my inquiries.

  3. After visiting Chattanooga, watching that one TED talk about flags on YouTube, and Google searching the Chattanooga flag, I assumed the older flag was the new flag and the actual new one with the seal on it was the old one. I said “good for them, it looks cooler now”, BUT THEN… I read this article. What the heck? The older flag is much less of an eyesore. Even if people did mistake the old one for the Tennessee flag, I feel like the similarity of the design would symbolize Chattanooga’s importance to the state.

  4. The new flag is not eye pleasing! Having the seal and Chattanooga ( especially in all caps) is not necessary. Most people know Chattanooga well enough to either want to know more history or to just enjoy our beautiful city! The old flag is much better! I am not opposed to a new flag; however, not this design.

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