The Jacksonville City Flag

Image of the Jacksonville city flag.

The Jacksonville city flag is one of the most unique city flags in the United States of America. The Jacksonville city flag’s blend of color, design and meaning is unrivaled by most city flags. The flag was designed by a Jacksonville citizen and it was officially adopted in 1976. The flag designer, Don Bozeman, won a design contest held by the city of Jacksonville. The Jacksonville city flag design features a silhouette of Andrew Jackson mounted on a horse. This image is taken from a statue in the city of Jacksonville. The bright colors represent a bright future and the city’s location in the sunshine state of Florida. The map at the bottom shows the St. Johns River running through two of the city’s famous neighborhoods.

About the city of Jacksonville

The city is named after the seventh United States president, Andrew Jackson. Believe it or not, Jacksonville is the 13th largest city in the country in terms of population. It is also the largest city in the state of Florida with a population of about 840,000. The city’s location near the ocean and along the St. John’s River makes it a major military and sea export hub. There are numerous U.S. Navy bases located in the city and some of the largest seaports in the country. Jacksonville is not known as a sports town, but they do have an NFL team – the Jacksonville Jaguars. Overall, despite the size of the city, it is somewhat of an unknown nationally compared to other large cities.

Image of the city of Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Fun Facts

  • Jacksonville has a larger population than San Francisco, Seattle, Denver and Boston – to name a few.
  • Before Hollywood was Hollywood, numerous film studios were located in Jacksonville before moving to Los Angeles.
  • The father of the personal computer (Don Estridge) was born here.
  • The St. Johns River flows through the city and it is one of the few rivers that flow north/south instead of east/west.
  • The city has the largest public parks system in the country.
  • Jacksonville has been directly hit by a hurricane only once since 1871, which is remarkable considering its location in Florida.


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