The Wichita City Flag

Image of the Wichita city flag.

Like many city flags, the Wichita city flag was designed in a flag design contest. The winner of the contest, Cecil McAlister, submitted hundreds of design ideas before one received approval in 1937. The flag design was then handed over to seamstress Mary J. Harper, who was known as Wichita’s version of Betsy Ross. Following McAlister’s design concept, Harper was able to construct what is now the official Wichita city flag.

The Wichita city flag design displays three white and red rays that stem from an off centered blue circle. The blue circle displays a white Indian symbol, which represents home. The white and red rays represent freedom, while the blue circle itself stands for happiness. The city government has debated adding the name “Wichita” to the city flag, but the idea has not been acted upon.

About the city of Wichita

Many people associate Kansas City with the state of Kansas, but it is actually located in Missouri. Believe it or not, Wichita is the largest city in the state of Kansas with a population of about 380,000. Wichita also sneaks into the top 50 largest cities in the United States at number 49. The city is a bit of an unknown, partially because of its manufacturing based economy and the lack of professional sports teams. The city began as a trading post for cattle, but quickly evolved into the airplane manufacturing business. At one point, Wichita was known as the “Air Capital of the World”. Aviation continues to be the largest industry in Wichita, with the Boeing plant serving as the largest employer in the city.

Image of the Wichita skyline.

Wichita Fun Facts

  • The first ever pizza hut opened here in 1958.
  • Wichita is frequently called the Air Capital of the World because an airplane designer built the first commercial airplane here.
  • At one point, the Wichita airport was among the busiest in the world. This is because of its centralized location and because planes could not fly as long as they can today.
  • The first Coleman lamp was built here in 1901. Coleman lamps are commonly used in outdoor adventures such as camping or hiking.
  • The White Castle fast food chain began here, but no longer has a location in the city.
  • Barry Sanders, NFL hall of fame running back with the Detroit Lions, was born here.

Credit: Wikipedia, Splurge Magazine

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