U.S. Honor Flag Flies in Memory of Slain Texas Prosecutor

The U.S. honor flag was a special way to pay tribute to the assistant district attorney.

Mark Hasse started his day off like any other, except that on Thursday January 31st he was shot to death on his way to work. As a way to honor the lawyer, a special flag was flown in and escorted from DFW Airport by a motorcade of Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers and Dallas County Sheriff’s Deputies.

U.S. honor flag

This particular U.S. honor flag flew over the Texas state capital on September 11th, 2001 and since then has travelled almost 6 million miles to honor fallen U.S. heroes. In the town square many people gathered to see the honor flag raised to half-staff by a Dallas honor guard. The American flag flew at half-staff from Monday February 4th to Tuesday 5th at 4pm. Upon taking the flag down, a military aircraft flew over another ceremony in Hasse’s honor.

Fellow attorney Mike McLelland said Hasse would have been very impressed by the patriotic ceremony in his honor. Prior to becoming a prosecutor, Hasse was training to be a Navy pilot. However, a problem with his wrist sent him home, but certainly did not stop him from flying. He continued to pursue his passion despite his bad wrist.

Police officers raise U.S. honor flag

Members from communities throughout the county showed up to give their support. Officials say they have not made any arrests yet but are following any leads. They also hope donations reaching over $71,000 will help attract any extra information regarding the horrible murder. The sheriff’s office even added new fax lines in order to help their operations base be more efficient.

Credit: NBCDFW


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