UK Teenager ordered to take down collection of flags

Image of a United Kingdom teenager with his collection of national flags.

A United Kingdom teenager has recently been notified that he must remove over 200 world flags from his family garden. A single complaint was filed to the local council, and that was enough to force the young man to remove his collection of flags from sight. The 14 year old Liam Kenward spent over 10 years collecting flags from various antique fairs, and now he is not able to display them. Kenward displayed five flags at a time, rotating the selection each day. He flew the flags from a 20 foot flag pole in his family’s garden. Liam would sometimes rotate his collection of flags by the hour to display national flags of two countries playing each other in a sporting event. This all sounds fine to the average citizen – so what is the big deal, you might ask?

According to a letter sent to him by his local council, Kenward does not have permission to fly more than two flags at a time. Also, residents are only allowed to use a single 10 foot flag pole (Kenward currently uses two 20 foot flag poles). Before the official ruling by the local council, a single complaint was filed because the flags were “disrupting the views of neighbors”.

“My flags are my passion and I’m really disappointed that I have to take them down. We’ve been living here for two years and I always thought everyone liked them. I’m really sad about taking them down as I bought so many and now can’t even display them. I’m considering giving up the hobby because I can now only really put up one and it’s not enough for how many I have” – Liam Kenward said in a series of statements to the UK news source, Mirror. His mother claims that his flag collection has kept him on the right track in life.

When all is said and done, a kid who spent over 10 years collecting these flags is incredibly disappointed; he is even considering giving up on his hobby.

Source: Mirror

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