University of Notre Dame Football Team to Wear Irish Flag

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will open their 2012 college football season against the Navy – in Dublin, Ireland – and are doing so in style. The Fighting Irish will wear cleats that display the Ireland flag on them. The Irish flag is a vertical tri-color of green, white and orange.

Ryan Grooms, Notre Dame equipment staff member, tweeted a picture of the Irish-flag donned athletic cleats yesterday. The cleats were designed by Adidas; there is no word as of yet if there will be different uniforms for the season opener in Dublin.

The team is known for its traditional dark blue and yellow/gold flags, as well as the Fighting Irish flags, but is choosing to wear the colors of Ireland’s flag while in Dublin. The Fighting Irish flags have a few variations including:

There is a dark blue and yellow/gold flag with interlocking “ND” for Notre Dame

The Notre Dame “Leprechaun” flag – still a blue and yellow/gold background, but also accompanied by a ‘fighting’ leprechaun, in keeping with nickname “Fighting Irish” and Irish folklore, the leprechaun serves as the mascot for the university.

The two teams are set to play in Aviva Stadium in Dublin, a stadium built in the 1870’s that has since been modernized with the ability to hold upwards of 45,000 spectators, on September 1, 2012. However, this is not the first time the two teams have played in front of the homeland Irish – the two teams met in Dublin in 1996 for a similar match up, in which the Fighting Irish won 54-27.

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