Update: Project America Run Still Planting Flags, One Mile at a Time

Mike Eherdt’s multi-state Project America Run to honor fallen soldiers is running smoothly.

Over one month ago, on August 23rd, Mike Eherdt began his Project America Run journey in International Falls, Minnesota, planting one American flag every mile he ran. The steady placement of flags is supposed to symbolize an invisible holding of hands from the northern U.S. border to the Gulf of Mexico in honor of those who gave their lives to defend America’s freedom. As an additional act of respect to each and every soldier, Eherdt writes the name, rank, age, and hometown of each soldier on a ribbon attached to the flag.

Project America Run

Keeping up with his initial set pace of 26 miles a day for 81 consecutive days, Eherdt has made incredible progress on the 2,100 mile trip to Texas. Normally he runs solo for the vast majority of his trip, but on Tuesday October 9th, when he ran past Fort Campbell in Clarksville, Tennessee, he was met by police officers who offered an escort through town. As he continued up U.S. Highway 41A, other runners and a couple of soldiers joined him for a small portion of his run.

While traveling down a nearby boulevard, curbside spectators praised and applauded him. Eherdt even handed a flag to a soldier at a mile marker, who placed it in the ground, took a step back, and saluted the stars and stripes. This sheer act of patriotism is sure to keep inspiring people from all over the country for many years.

From Minnesota, Mike traveled to Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, and his latest state Tennessee. From there he will leave his flag trail in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and finally end in Texas. Eherdt even commented with, “It’s been great, so far. The view from the office every day is great.”

Credit: The Leaf Chronicle

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