Urban Flags: Finding Flags of the World All Around You

Not every flag needs to be on a flag pole. When you walk through the streets of your city, you may find that a scene may look oddly familiar. Or perhaps you want to show off your national pride, so you find make your own flag-based piece of art. This artist took flag pictures to show her love of world flags. Artist Valentina Loffredo finds that she loves to both find and create world flags in her urban environment. Below you’ll find her creativity at work, photographed in Hong Kong, China.

Japan Flag Photography


Working within a studio, Loffredo has recreated the Japan’s flag. Coordinating with the red sun in the center, she tries to blend both her clothing and skin tone with the national colors.








Greece Flag Picture


Taking a picture of this city scene, part of Greece’s national flag is captured. Greece’s flag in its entirety includes nine blue and white stripes with a blue canton with a white cross in the upper corner.







Italy Flag Picture


Utilizing the red and green colors on the ground, the white boundary line turns this into Italy’s flag. However, if you were to rotate this photo 90-degrees to the left, you’d have Hungary’s flag.







Russia Flag Picture



As this man looks out over the tennis court, he may not realize that the Russian flag is all around him. The fundamental Russian flag design has been around since 1695.







Europe Flag Picture


The current Flag of Europe has been in use by the Council of Europe since 1955, and by the European Union since 1985.


Loffredo has captured the unique flag designs which bring to light the opportunities to see what’s hidden in plain sight. So the next time that you’re meeting your friends, traveling with your family, or even just walking down the street, try to find some memorable flags. How many flags have you seen today?


Additional Work

Hong Kong Flag Picture

Hong Kong’s city flag












Checkered Flag Picture

Checkered sports flag











Source: Boredpanda

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