US Army Major Retires after 50 Years of Service

After over 50 years of protecting the country and flag he loves, US Army Major retires finally at the age of 71.

At the age of 71, Major Bill Ray has finally decided to hang up his US Army uniform after over half a century of service. He recently returned home to Milwaukee, Wisconsin from his final tour in Afghanistan where he was greeted by a very excited wife and grandchildren.  They even brought ‘Welcome Home’ signs!

Army Major Retires | Flag News

Ray first joined the Army in 1959 where he began working in intelligence. From there he served in Kuwait, finished three tours in Iraq and finally headed to Afghanistan at the Army’s request last year for one last tour. Now, he returns home to a loving that is both excited for his return and proud of his commitment to the Army.

Ray is the father of six and grandfather to eight, which brings him to his next mission: spending more time with his family. He is also preparing to celebrate his 72nd birthday, which is gearing up to be quite a celebration.

The dedication and loyalty Ray has shown for this country and the American flag is certainly inspiring. However, he is not the only veteran who has put off retiring from the military as long as possible. Col. William Bernhard retired at age 79 after joining the US military during World War II. Bernhard said the words of John F. Kennedy still inspire him to this day to keep contributing to the military in any way that he could.


Credit: Huffington Post

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