Use of Feather Flags to be voted on in Small New Hampshire Town

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The Conway, New Hampshire planning board recently decided to put feather flags on the next town warrant. What for, you might ask? The city is actually looking to ban the use of feather flags. The official vote will be held at the town meeting ballot on April 14.

Conway is a small New Hampshire community with a population of about 10,000. Conway is located about 2 ½ hours north of Boston, Massachusetts. The city is known for tourism – the nearby White Mountains provide the perfect retreat for winter sports enthusiasts.

According to Steve Porter, planning board chair member, many taxpayers find the feather flags unappealing. He also claims that businesses who display these flags have gotten out of hand. Porter says that, “What some businesses are doing is beyond creative – they are manipulating a flaw in the sign ordinance that didn’t cover something that we never had thought of.”

Although the ban of feather flags has advanced to a city wide vote, not everyone completely understands why they are an issue. As a tourist town, local businesses are doing whatever they can to attract new business to their storefronts. Ed McDonald of New England Mountain Sports argues that use of the feather flags should be allowed. McDonald says, “I absolutely think they should be kept. I don’t like it when I see them put out obstructing a walkway, but if there is a setback and done tastefully, then I think they are very important, and I know they do bring in business.” Feather flag proponents will argue that this is a slippery slope, and if you ban feather flags – what is next?

So it appears that this vote will come down to personal preference. Are feather flags a good advertising tool or has their use become a major distraction?

Source: Conway Daily Sun

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