Veteran Offers His Flag Etiquette Help

A US veteran offers his tips on American flag etiquette. How many rules do you follow?

Flying a flag with proper etiquette is important every day of the year, especially on patriotic holidays like Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day.  Roger Layton, first vice commander of the American Legion Post 22, holds the flag particularly close to his heart and wants to make sure everyone knows how to fly it right.

American flag etiquette

Keeping all the rules straight can get a little complex, but they’re designed to make sure Old Glory is shown the honor and respect she deserves. For example, a light should always be shown on the flag when it’s displayed outdoors overnight. (For more details on flying a flag at night, read this blog post.)

Flags must always be in good condition too. They are allowed to be repaired for minor fixes, but large tears and holes require flag retirement. (Follow these 5 flag care tips to prolong the life of your flag.)

Layton said, “Flags should be in serviceable condition. There’s a point at which it gets ratty and people still display them when they should not. You can give unserviceable flags to any veterans’ organization like the American Legion or VFW, and they will properly destroy it.”

If you would like to know how exactly you are suppose to retire an old US flag, we have those flag retirement guidelines for you as well.

Some flag etiquette rules are specific to certain holidays. On Memorial Day, the flag should be raised to half-staff until noon and then raised to the top for the rest of the day. For more details on Memorial Day flag etiquette, read our Memorial Day flag guide.

But what about every other day of the year? If you have more specific questions on how to display the flag outside your home or business, we have you covered! Check out this article on displaying US flags for home or commercial use.

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Credit: Corsicana Daily Sun

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