Veteran Protests Tattered American Flags at Schools

A Staten Island veteran protests tattered American flags at schools in his New York home town

One New York veteran is not happy at a number of schools around Staten Island for flying torn and tattered US flags outside of their buildings. They also fly the flags at night with no illumination, which is in direct violation of the US Flag Code.

US Flag Outside School in Dark

Rudolph Verra, who everyone calls Rudy, of Pleasant Plains is the veteran calling attention to the terrible flag conditions. He said, “We’re trying to teach schoolchildren proper flag etiquette and respect for our flag, and this certainly doesn’t send the right message.”

Verra is known for his strict attention to flag etiquette. He served in Vietnam and with the Army’s elite, white-gloved Presidential Honor Guard in Washington, DC.

Worn out and tattered American flags should never be displayed. When a flag reaches that condition, it should be properly retired. Here are some signs that your flag is ready for retirement.

Additionally, flying a flag at night without any illumination is against the Flag Code. Each American flag should be raised at daybreak and taken down before sunset. You are allowed to fly your flag at night, given that it’s lit up properly. Here is more information about flying your US flag at night.

US Flag at School with Blue Sky

“It’s important to us veterans – it should be to all Americans – that our country’s flag be flown properly, especially outside a school, where we’re trying to educate the next generation. A lot of us died that our flag could fly. It just seems disrespectful,” Verra commented.

Department of Education officials heard about Verra, and said the outdoor flags are the property and responsibility of each individual school’s custodian and staff to replace when they become too worn.

What would you do if you saw a worn out American flag flying? Would you speak out like the veteran?

Credit: SI Live

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