Veteran Receives Award for Dedication to the American Flag

After over 700 hours of volunteering, one veteran’s love for Old Glory lead him to receive an award for dedication to the flag.

Wilkie Liang gets up early every weekend before sunrise. As he quietly walks across the empty parking lot, he holds a folded American flag in his hands. Liang takes his duties as a volunteer in police service very seriously, especially his job of ensuring the US flag flies on all weekends and holidays when the police and fire headquarters are closed. It is this committment that made him a clear choice for an award for his dedication to the American flag.

veteran raises American flag
Wilkie raises Old Glory in the early morning hours

Liang is a Vietnam veteran who served under the U.S. Air Force Reserve. He says, “There’s a purpose and a meaning behind rising and lowering the flag. It’s because of respect and honor for the veterans. It’s remembering them for their sacrifice.”

American flag dedication

Liang spent 33 years in the Air Force Reserves and another 42 years with the California state Department of Justice where he retired from in 2004. After that he decided to volunteer for the Sacramento Police Department where he helps with DUI checkpoints, community events, charity benefits, and more. For Liang, volunteering was a natural choice, especially due to his military background.

But after all his activities with the police department, Liang cherishes his flag raising duties the most. When he takes the American flag down at sunset, he then folds it according to proper protocol and places it in a special drawer. In total, he has volunteered for 772 hours, which has won him the Volunteer of the Year Award; a special award for dedication to the stars and stripes.

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